Green River Knife Blanks


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A New Englander, John Russell founded his Green River Works on March 1, 1834. The quality of the Green River knife was superior. It became one of the indispensable items of those who headed west, and a favorite of the fur trappers and mountain men. Our Russell knive blanks are made from high quality carbon steel and carry the Green River trademark. Just add your own favorite handle material, finish, and you will have a knife that will last a great long while.

We also have the cutler’s rivets to go with these knife blanks. They are $.25 per pair( male & female or 1 rivet) Just mention the rivets in the “special instructions” part of our order form and we will send enough for the knife….

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#1 G.R. Sheep Skinner blank, #2 G.R. Buffalo Skinner blank, #3 G.R. Hunter blank, #4 G.R. Dadley (original green river blade) blank, #5 G.R. Sheath Knife blank, #6 G.R. Pacific Paring Knife blank, #7 G.R. Paring Knife blank, #8 G.R. Beartooth blank, #9 G.R. Ripper blank, #10 G.R. 10" Butcher blank, #11 G.R 8" Butcher blank, #12 G.R. 6" Butcher blank